Watertight Wire Seal - Flat

Watertight Wire Seal - Flat

Product Details

Fits Flat Cable Gauge: 14/13 - 12/3 AWG

Watertight Wire Seals can be purchased here for self-installation.

For running wire through a case wall using a waterproof, strain relief seal. Clamping mechanism works as a compression nut or packing gland. As the outer nut is tightened, inside seal against cable (or tubing). Made of nylon 6/6 flame resistant, self-extinguishing Buna-N form seal. Ready for typical applications such as propane hose applications, vinyl tubing, instrumentation, and underground for direct burial.

  • Resistant to salt water, acids, alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, mineral, animal and vegetable oils
  • UL recognized, RoHs compliant, exceeds Nema 4x or 6 requirements
  • Watertight to 300 Feet!
  • Sealing solutions for a wide range of wire sizes
  • Non-corrosive for use in the marine environment
  • Accommodates duplex and triplex wires in flat insulators
  • Can be used for propane enclosures, antennas, & hydraulic hoses
  • Nylon with synthetic rubber and/or Urethane gasket