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Fuerte Cases (now the commercial division of The Waterproof Case Company LLC) was established in 2001 as an expansion to the founder’s 22 years in plastic engineering, manufacturing, management and consulting roles for several major US and International OEMS and custom molders.  The goal was to fulfill an industry need by establishing a successful sales, manufacturing and distribution company to represent the very best protective storage equipment of superior quality and performance. 

Well into our own second decade, we are known across a myriad of industries for our unique ability to provide the simplest to the most complex custom case engineering solutions.  Our customer base includes local, state, federal government agencies, defense contractors, universities, Fortune 500 companies, OEMS, and even underwater robotics competitions.

Unlike most authorized major US brand case distributors and solution providers, who may only have the ability to provide stock cases and foam interiors, our experience allows us to explore protective enclosure solutions from conception to production with respect to the interior and exterior of a case. From off-the-shelf to engineered case solutions to meet exact specifications from concept through design, fabrication, testing, and timely delivery---we are the one stop source for superior case brands, custom foam, custom color, machining, wire seal/connectivity, and panel mounts.   With over 14,000 custom, military, and corporate projects in our portfolio, our technical  staff  is  trained  to   ascertain   the specific  and  unique  needs  of  each project to help reach  the  best and most economical value-added packaging,   shipping,   and/or   storage  solutions.   We welcome all inquiries and requests for quotes from  off-the shelf to complex solutions.