Seahorse SE1231 Replacement Foam Set

Seahorse SE1231 Replacement Foam Set

Product Details

Seahorse Accuform Foam - Replacement Customizable Pre-scored Foam Set for the SE1231

The Seahorse Accuform Foam for the SE-1231 is vertically pre-scored, high density Polyurethane foam that is easily formed to provide a snug fit that protects your equipment. Accuform Foam in the Seahorse SE-1231 case is a removable, cubed matrix foam set, consisting of a layer of egg-crate foam in the lid (also referred to as Convoluted Foam), 3 thick cubed foam center pieces and a 1/2" thick, high density shock absorbing foam bottom layer.

All Seahorse cases are available with Accuform Foam.