Seahorse Waterproof Gun Holster

Seahorse Waterproof Gun Holster

Product Details

  • Level 3 retention holster
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Material: Holster is made of polycarbonate.  Straps and sleeves are elastic nylon.  Stainless steel barrel lock, screws, and springs. 
  • Secure with a metal barrel keyed lock
  • Impact Resistant
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Auto Pressure Equalization System
  • Belt quick release and fully adjustable unit
  • Elastomer dual leg straps to minimize movement and ensure comfort
  • Non-abrasive nylon sleeve holds the handgun
  • Interchangable internal sleeves to fit a variety of handguns
  • Color: Black
  • Models Available:  Colt 1911, Glock 17-19-21, Sig Sauer P226, Beretta 92F
  • Models Coming Soon: Springfield XD40, S&W M&P 40 4.25 Sm Backstrap, Browning Hi Power, FNS-9, CZP-09, H&K P30, Ruger SR9, Walther PPQ
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The P17 Waterproof Gun Holster, when closed, will provide continuous protection from environmental conditions and submersion.  The P17 may be submerged in both fresh and salt water.  The unit has incorporated an oleophobic membrane that will allow pressure equalization with atmosphere to ensure the unit easily open after descending from altitude or disembarking a plane.  It is this breathable pressure adjusting membrane that allows gases to pass, but not liquids, and limits the submerion time/depth profile to 10 feet continuous.  This is the recommended configuration since it ensures all altitude transitions will not affect the opening of the P17. 

Intermittent submersion up to 30 feet is possible; however, leakage of less than one drop / hour will begin.  This is a rare scenario and not likely to be encountered by the vast majority of operators.  For those rare scenarios requiring continuous submersion beyond 10 feet of depth for extended periods, the pressure equlaization membrace will leak and must be replaced with the continous submersion seal if the operator requires no leak.  The continous submersion seal will need to be ordered separately.  The continuous submersion seal will defeat the pressure equalization system and may not allow the operator to easily open the Waterproof Gun Holster with ease depending on altitude/pressure transitions.  An operator descending from 4000 feet to sea level will encounter a 2PSI differential in air pressure which will apply approximetly 60 pounds of pressure to the articulating cover limiting the access time to the firearm.  Be careful is employing this option. 

The P17 provides a level three safety retention system.  The unit is secured by one belt support at two control points to distribute load and limit bealt stress.  In addition, two leg straps control the lower sections for posture transitions, walking, and running.  When the P17 is closed the desiccant packs will remove moisture from air trapped in the case.  This will ensure the firearm is in a moisture free environment for much of the time it is not in use.  The P17 is gun model specific.  The internal mechanism that accepts the gun is tailored to one type of firearm.  If a different firearm is placed in the unit, it will not function correctly.  The operator may interchange the internal components to the required gun variant.  (See below P17 Variants section)


The P17 is secured to the belt and leg such that movement is limited but comfort is insured.  The two belt attachments should be looped into the belt and tightened with the friction bar to reduce movement.

The unit is factory set with leg straps that will fit 80% of the population.  If different leg straps are required, they will need to be ordered and installed by the end user (See Leg Circumfrance Fitment Guide).  The P17 is protected from opening by a barrel lock.  Insert the key and rotate counter-clockwise to release this safety.  The holster's primary access is gained by pressing down on the button in the center of the top shell.  This allows the primary shell to open and present the firearm.  The firearm is still secured by the holster unit at this point.  To release the firearm depress the inner thumb safety, push toward ground.  The firearm may now be drawn for use.  The primary access may now be closed ensuring the P17 remains clean and compact for use by the operator.  


The P17 is made of extremely durable and rugged polycarbonate.  This polymer is both highly impact resistant and tough.  Exposure to hydrocarbons: WD-40, oil, gasoline should be avoided.  They will reduce the surface finish of the P17.  The sleeve that accepts the gun is made from nylon and wil not be affected by gun oil or lubricants.  The P17 also contains stainless steel springs and stainless steel screws for added corrosion resistance.  To clean, use a mild detergent or Windex. The P17 should be allowed to dry in the open configuration. In the event the P17 becomes saturated with salt water, mud or other debris, rinse thoroughly with fresh water, leave open and air dry. For accelerated drying, open the holster and place on its side in front of the vents at the bottom of most refrigerators or freezers. They provide a constant flow of warm air that will penetrate the P17 quickly. The desiccant should be replaced in the event of saturation after the P17 is dried. 

Desiccants are held in the compartment under the mesh located on the side of the unit. The desiccants will remove any residual moisture in the unit when closed and will change color when they reach capacity. Color change instructions are printed on the desiccant packs and should be replaced as needed. If the firearm is not to be used for extended periods, ensure fresh desiccants are placed in the compartment. Replacement desiccants fitting this device can be order from us. 

The “O” ring seal is located on the hinged cover and must be free of dirt and debris to form a complete watertight seal. Visually inspect the seal integrity and replace if necessary.

             Leg Circumfrance Fitment Guide

Holster Sleeves

In the event the operator decides to reconfigure the P17 to a different firearm application, the internal holster receiver and trigger lock will need to be changed to the desired configuration.  The kit components can be ordered through us with instructions.  The change over should take approximetely twenty minutes and uses commonly available tools.  See below for available gun configurations.

Interchangeable sleeves will be available for the following models:

Sleeve Part #



Colt 1911 (Currently Available)


Glock 17/19/21 (Currently Available)


Springfield XD40 (Currently Available)


Sig Sauer P226  (Currently Available)


Beretta 92F  (Currently Available)       


Smith & Wesson M&P 40 4.25" (SM. BACKSTRAP)


Browning HI PWR




CZ P-09


H&K P30


Ruger SR9


Walther PPQ

  • Button/Lock Assembly
  • Articulating Cover Seal
  • Static Body Seal
  • Desiccants
  • Mesh Set
  • Straps (Belt, Upper Thigh, Lower Thigh)
  • Belt Clasp
  • Continuous Submersion Seal


Save your receipt as proof of purchase, as it will be required for warranty action.  Seahorse warrants to the original purchaser of this product to be free of defects in manufacturing or material for a period of one (1) year from purchase date.  If you believe you have a warranty issue, please contact Seahorse for a resolution.  Seahorse will replace any part of the product, which in Seahorse's opinion is defective, provided that the product has not been abused, misused, altered, or damaged after purchase.  This includes damage due to use of tools or harsh chemicals.  In the event the product has been discontinued Seahorse will replace with what they deem to be the closest product or component.  Seahorse is not responsible for labor charges, installation, shipping, or other consequential costs.  The responsibility of Seahorse shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  You may also have other rights where you reside.